How Does One Wire a Two-Way Dimmer Switch?

Dorling Kindersley/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

To wire a two-way dimmer switch, you need a neon voltage tester, a flat-head screwdriver, needle-nose pliers and a dimmer switch. A two-way dimmer switch you can control the light from two different locations.

  1. Check the light switch

    Check the light switch to find out if it’s a single pole switch or a two-way switch. Usually, you can see the words “off” and “on” written on a single pole switch.

  2. Locate the circuit breaker

    To turn off the power, you need to find your circuit breaker. Let the rest of the family know that you are working on it and that the light should stay off. To pull out the switch from the wall box, remove the screws from the wall box.

  3. Test the switch

    Use a voltage tester to test the switch. Next, you need to place the black wire on the hot wire. Also, the white wire should be on the neutral wire.

  4. Attach the new switch to the box

    Make sure that you carefully fold the wires in the box before you turn the switch on. Use screws to attach the new switch to the box. The last step is to replace the switch plate cover of the new switch.