What Does One Wear to a Barn Dance?

When participating in a barn dance, people generally dress in comfortable and casual clothing. Women might wear pants, shorts or skirts and a loose-fitting top while men also wear either shorts or pants and a long- or short-sleeve shirt. Having comfortable footwear also makes a barn dance much more enjoyable and safe and common footwear at barn dances include regular sneakers, dance shoes or even bare feet.

Among the various styles of dance, barn dancing classifies as one of the most casual in atmosphere and attire. People also expect to stay on their feet and move the entire evening, which makes having comfortable clothing paramount. Men and women can wear simple or flattering tops, along with a pair of comfortable shorts or pants that facilitate easy movement. Women seeking a flirty look can dress in skirts, too, and pair their skirts with stylish flats rather than heels.

Although people often focus on their appearance from the ankles up, footwear is one of the most important parts of a barn dancing outfit. Shoes should have a smooth sole to help dancers move easily across the floor. Some dancers wear special dance shoes, such as jazz and dance shoes. Some prefer going barefoot, or duct tape their feet for easy movement and grip.