How Does One Play Patience With Cards?

Patience is a solitaire card game using a standard 52-card deck, which the player deals in seven columns. He plays through the remaining deck until no more moves are possible or until he reveals all the hidden cards and empties the playing deck. In the United States, most players call the game “Klondike solitaire” or just “solitaire.”

The player deals the cards to build the columns by placing one upturned card on his left, followed by six single cards facing down across this top row. He then places one upturned card on the second column followed by a downward-facing card in the remaining columns. He continues this pattern until there is one upturned card on the bottom of each column. The remaining cards become the playing deck.

The player arranges cards in descending order in alternating colors. He moves cards or stacks of cards to another column following the same rule. An empty column provides a space to play a king. The player moves aces to build four foundation piles at the top of the playing area. He builds these stacks in ascending order in like suits.

The player flips through the playing deck, three cards at a time, with the option to play the top facing card. If he plays the top card, the next card becomes playable. If he does not play the top card, he flips another three cards, continuing play until the game ends with all the cards organized in the foundation pile or it is not possible to make another move.