Who Are Some of the Oldest Men in the Bible?

Methuselah, Adam, Seth, and Kenan were some of the Bible's oldest men. Methuselah had the longest lifespan of all of those recorded in the Bible, living for 969 years. Adam purportedly lived for 930 years, while Seth lived 912 years and Kenan lived for 910 years.

There is very little information in the Bible concerning Methuselah. The authors of the Bible mention him only three times, but he is significant in biblical history because he was the grandfather of Noah and his name roughly translates to “when he shall die the Flood shall come.” According to biblical history, Methuselah died shortly before the great flood began.

Seth was the third son of Adam and Eve and is the primary ancestor of all Jewish people, including Jesus, according to genealogical record in the Bible. He lived for 912 years, as stated in Genesis 5:8.

Beliefs differ among biblical scholars concerning why Methuselah and other men in the Bible reportedly lived so long. Some believe that the quality of air on earth was much better prior to the flood, resulting in much longer life spans. Others believe a mistranslation of ancient text is to blame for the discrepancy. If the original texts counted months instead of years, Methuselah lived 78 years instead of 969.

Other Christians believe that God shortened the life expectancy of men after the flood as punishment for the sins committed by humans.