What Are Some Old Sermons by Black Preachers?

What Are Some Old Sermons by Black Preachers?

Old sermons by black preachers include Martin Luther King Jr.'s "Loving Your Enemies" sermon and John J. Jasper's sermon, "De Sun Do Move." Preacher Dr. Howard Thurman delivered another old sermon, "The Sound of the Genuine," at Spelman College in 1980.

King's "Loving Your Enemies" sermon comes from Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. King says that his doctor advised him to stay in bed that morning, but that he had to come to church and preach. He references the book of Matthew, which says each person should love his enemies and bless those that offer curses.

King says that it is difficult to love his enemies. He says that an enemy often chooses to dislike a person for silly reasons such as the color of his skin or the person's popularity. King goes on to say that each person must look internally at herself and meet each situation with love. He says that in Christ, people have one fellowship throughout the world.

In his sermon, "De Sun Do Move," Jasper talks about his childhood as a slave. Jasper talks about how a fellow slave taught Jasper to read at night. After several months of dedicated practice, Jasper learned to read the Bible so he could learn God's teachings. In his sermon, Jasper talks about the biblical character Joshua and about how Joshua follows God's plan. Later in the sermon, Jasper implores his audience to accept God's will.

In his sermon, "The Sound of the Genuine," Thurman stresses that each person possesses unique qualities. Thurman asks each person to find her true identity. Thurman tells each person to quiet her soul and listen for God's instructions as to her true and genuine life's purpose.