How Do You Oil a BB Gun?

A BB or pellet gun should receive two drops inside the chamber for every 300 to 1,000 shots fired. The more use a gun gets, the more oil it should receive. First determine the type of oil that works best for the particular gun model; the correct oil for all types of BB guns is high-flash cylinder oil, but a specific type of oil, such as metalophilic, may be needed.

For a BB or pellet gun that is usually stored for a long time between uses, metalophilic oil, such as Beeman brand, is recommended. For high-compression carbon dioxide guns, choose an oil that lubricates all of the parts, such as Crosman Pellgun oil. For guns that tend to incur quite a bit of rust buildup over time, an aerosol lube such as Ballistol is recommended. An aerosol spray makes it easier for the oil to get into hard-to-reach crevices so that rust can be eliminated.

The gun barrel should also receive cleaning from a degreasing agent every time the user oils it. In addition, pivots and hinge points need to be oiled often. The recommendation for oiling hinges is between every 300 to 500 shots fired.