What Are the Best Offline PC Games?

According to GameSpot, some of the best offline computer games include “Deus Ex,” “Planescape Torment” and “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” Each of these games offers a lengthy, immersive single-player experience with no need to connect to the Internet.

“Deus Ex” is a landmark title that ranks among the most influential PC games of all time. The game’s unique blend of action, stealth and role-playing elements makes for a diverse, all-encompassing experience, and its branching narrative path system allows players to proceed through the game in a number of ways. Whether players want to run in with guns blazing or sneak around through air ducts, “Deus Ex” provides a gripping game experience.

“Planescape Torment” is a massive, complex role-playing game based on the “Dungeons & Dragons” rulebook, but the game brings classic mechanics into a highly unconventional fantasy realm. Players control “The Nameless One,” an immortal being with no recollection of his past, on an extended quest for the roots of his identity. With well-developed characters, a deep story and almost innumerable dialogue options, “Planescape Torment” offers a fully-realized world.

“The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” is one of the most popular PC games for a reason. With a staggeringly large, open world for players to explore at will, “Skyrim” offers perhaps the most liberating game play experience. Players can chase dragons, gather rare plants or follow the game’s expansive story as they see fit.