How Do Off-Brand Tires Compare to Name Brand Tires?

In comparison to name brand tires, most off-brand tires prove to have equal quality at a discounted price, states Certain off-brand tires, however, offer substandard quality and are potentially hazardous. Various name brand manufacturers both domestically and internationally produce high quality off-brand tires for customers willing to sacrifice the brand name for savings.

The majority of off-brand tires are manufactured by name brand tire manufactures. One example is the manufacturer of Goodyear (the brand name) tires who also makes Douglas tires, which are sold at a discounted price. Some other brand name manufactures such as Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin also produce off-brand tires internationally that maintain equal quality at a reduced price.

Only specific dealers have access to these cheaper options. An example is Wal-Mart, who carries Douglas tires. There are some exceptions to keep an eye out for that can be dangerous. For example, Chinese manufactures such as Westlake Tires and AKS Tires produce off-brand products that are subjects of forced government recalls and lack some of the most basic safety features. Belt stiffeners, bead wedges and nylon cap plies are a few examples of features left out that are considered industry standards. Industry experts recommend avoiding Chinese-imported tires altogether as of 2015.