How Do You Obtain a Pastor License?


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To obtain a pastor license, find a church or denomination that follows the same tenets in which you believe, as well as a pastor who personally mentors you. Attend a college or training program through a fellowship or through the particular denomination in which you choose to be involved. Once your training is completed, gain a license through the denomination and any required licensing through your state.

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Each state has a different set of requirements for becoming a licensed pastor. Most denominations have credentialing organizations or ordination through the church with which you align yourself. Speak with your mentoring pastor or with the organization with which your church affiliates about what your requirements are. Some churches offer both pastoral training and licensing in-house.

Being a pastor means ministering to your congregation and community, so be sure you are called to the task. Spend quality time in the church you choose to ensure you understand how the church operates and what the church's core creed is. Volunteer your time in various ministry engagements while you are training or attending college to obtain an understanding about what it means to serve others and meet the needs of those under the care of a ministry.

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