What Are Some Objectives and Goals of Elementary Teachers?

Some of the objectives and goals of elementary teachers include educating their students through effective pedagogical methods, motivating and inspiring their students be inquisitive and develop a passion for learning, and teaching the necessary skills to prepare students intellectually and emotionally for the rigors of secondary education. While teachers normally have the discretion to employ any effective teaching method, institutions such as Montessori schools apply specific methods of education.

Teachers often develop a tool set of educational methods while pursuing their teaching degrees, but many experts agree that some of the most important skills are learned through experience. Though lesson planning is a central part of the job, teachers must be flexible enough to recognize if their lesson plans are not meeting their teaching objectives and find creative ways to rectify it.

Teachers working in Montessori schools often have different objectives. The Montessori method of education focuses on self-directed learning, where the teacher functions as a facilitator during hands-on collaborative play activities. While the purpose of the Montessori method is to allow children to discover the world through interactive games, the teacher’s objective is to craft activities that are suitable for the target age group and the specific learning goals.