What Is a Numident Printout?

A numident record, held by the Social Security Administration, contains information from an application for a social security number card. It includes the name, date and place of birth of the applicant, among other things. The numident printout is the hard copy of all the information in the numident record.

Sometimes, the numident printout is used to verify social security numbers. However, social security cards technically are the only official documents held by the Social Security Administration that verify social security numbers.

The owner of the SSN can request a numident printout either through mail, telephone or in person. If the requestor is not well-known to the SSA personnel, a nonexpired form of identification, such as driver’s license, passport or other picture Identification is required to verify identity. If the owner does not possess such identification, a written and signed letter declaring that the applicant is telling the truth must be submitted. Additionally, the applicant must acknowledge possible criminal and civil penalties for lying.

If an applicant makes a request for the numident printout by mail, the process is similar to the in-person process, except he must also provide an SSN and a notarized letter assuring he is telling the truth. If made by phone, the only significant difference is that the applicant must display knowledge of identifying information in a system of records. Fees apply to all requests.