How Do You Do Numerology Using a Birth Date?


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To obtain a numerological life path number using a birth date, you need to add the month, day and year of the birth date. You then add together any double-digit numbers. The final, single-digit number ultimately resulting from your calculations is the life path number.

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For example, the birth date October 25, 1963, requires you to add 1+0+2+5+1+9+6+3. These numbers add up to 27. You then add 2 and 7, which equals 9. The number 9, then, is the life path number for someone born Oct. 25, 1963. According to Numerology.com, people with the 9 life path number display characteristics that include leadership, humanitarianism and generosity. A life path number explains traits from birth as well as those developed through age.

Another way to assess personal traits and inclinations in numerology using a birth date is to focus on the actual day a person was born, regardless of the month or year. Using the example above, a numerology source is consulted for the birthday number 25. Buy one account, a person born on the 25th day of the month is insightful, intelligent and approaches life logically. A person born on the 25th is an analytical thinker and looks for facts and solid information to help form an opinion or point of view.

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