What Do Numbers in Dreams Mean?


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Numbers in dreams indicate the need for a deeper organization and logic. They convey hidden messages that need to rein in the imagination of the dreamer so as to get clear and organized results.

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The appearance of a number in a dream may symbolize an equation, formula, linear thought or strategy. Since dreams are crucial to the manifestation process, any numbers appearing in dreams may also stand for concrete things, life suggestions or warnings. For example, one of the possible interpretations of the number one in a dream is a new beginning. If a person dreams of the number one, it may be an indication of a fresh start in life or the possibility of taking a new direction in one of his usual activities. The number one can also give the implication of unity.

Number two usually indicates balance and choice. In a dream, the number may be a suggestion for a person to make a decision between two available options. The number two may also suggest the need to balance certain life aspects such as time, resources and budgets. When it appears in a dream, it may give a person a hint about reconsidering business partnerships, relationships or family.

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