Are Nuclear Weapons Good or Bad?

Nuclear weapons can be both good and bad depending on the intentions of the entity that possesses them. Nuclear weapons pose a powerful military advantage for countries that host them, but living things and the environment are harshly impacted by the use of nuclear weapons. Although a country can use nuclear weapons to maintain authority and keep enemies at bay, there are more disadvantages to nuclear weapons than benefits.

According to the International Relations and Security Network, although military action is unlikely, human error and technological variables during nuclear testing pose the largest threat. When nuclear weapons are tested, they can malfunction and cause irreversible damage that can affect the lives of millions. When a nation possesses nuclear weapons, they are in a better position to negotiate, protect their citizens and make demands with other countries. The ultimate disadvantage of nuclear weapons is that they are a clear threat to human life and the future of mankind.

A country that decides to use nuclear weapons against another county can start a world war that destroys civilizations, kills wildlife and ravages the land. NATO commands that every nation’s leaders commit to following strict rules surrounding the creation and control of nuclear weapons. A permanent ban on nuclear weapons may be the only thing that prevents a world catastrophe for future generations.