What Are Some Notable Religious Hospitals?


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Baghdad Hospital, The Great Hospital at Norwich, and Hotel Dieu are a few notable religious hospitals. During medieval times, religious organizations established hospitals with the purpose of helping the needy in society.

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Built in 979, Baghdad Hospital was constructed along the shores of River Tigris. The location was chosen because the locals believed it was clean, making it harder for diseases to spread. The site was known as the place where meat took the longest time to decompose.

The Great Hospital at Norwich provided care for the sick in a very religious manner. Mass was the center of hospital life. It was intended to reassure the sick and was performed in the presence of the bedridden patients. The hospital relied on patrons to supply food and other necessities. Today, the hospital offers care and accommodation for the elderly.

Dating back to the year 651CE, the Hotel Dieu Hospital is one of the few medieval hospitals still operating today. During the 1700s, the hospital had over eight physicians and 100 surgeons, a very high number of medical staff in those times. Although the hospital was later converted into a scientific institution, its religious nature is still alive through its name, which means “Hostel of God.”

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