Who Are Some Notable Dominican Women?

Who Are Some Notable Dominican Women?

Notable Dominican women include author Julia Alvarez, actress Zoe Saldana and actress Josefina Baez. Others are Rosa Silverio, a poet and storyteller, and Amelia Vega, an actress and former Miss Universe.

Julia Alvarez is an author and poet who was born in New York City in 1950, but she was raised in the Dominican Republic until she was 10. Alvarez is the author of several books for children, including "The Secret Footprints" and "Tia Lola Came to (Visit) Stay." As of 2015, Julia Alvarez lives in New York with her husband, Bill Eichner.

Zoe Saldana is a well-known Hollywood actress who became famous after starring in blockbuster movies such as "Star Trek," "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Avatar." Even though Saldana was born in Passaic, New Jersey, her father was of Dominican descent, and the actress lived in the Dominican Republic after her father died when she was nine years old.

Rosa Silverio is a poet and storyteller who lives in Madrid, Spain. Her work has been translated into English, Italian, French and Portuguese. Silverio is the author of several volumes of poetry and has received several international awards for her work.

Amelia Vega was the first Dominican woman to win the Miss Universe title in 2003. Vega was born in the Dominican Republic and is now an actress and singer.