What Are the Nostradamus Predictions of World War III?

The Nostradamus predictions of World War III are of a large nuclear confrontation in the Middle East that includes biological warfare and a large battery of modern weapons. Nostradamus predicts a Middle Eastern advancement towards Europe.

Nostradamus predicts that in World War III, enemies seek to introduce modern, biological and chemical weapons. He sets most of the warring action in Europe, Africa and the Middle East but he also speaks of a new world that suffers an attack at the beginning of the war. The philosopher does not specifically mention the year that World War III begins.

He predicts crumbling walls as a result of the war. He likens the destruction to bricks turning into marble. Nostradamus says that World War III follows 57 years of peace and progress.

Nostradamus says that the enemy in World War III comes from beyond the Black Sea. A king leads the war effort across Armenia, and a total of three kings unite in their war effort against the West. The philosopher describes the conflict as bloody with acts of piracy and subterfuge. He predicts acts of ambush during the war.

World War III begins with a conflict in a great new city, Nostradamus predicts. Some speculate that Nostradamus' prediction coincides with the terror attacks in New York City on Sept. 11, 2001. Nostradamus describes a fire in the sky in the new city and hallowed mountains that men crafted that the enemy destroys in a surprise attack. Nostradamus also describes a debris cloud that results from the attacks.