Have Any of Nostradamus' Predictions Came True?


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Nostradamus predicted the great fire of London, discoveries of Louis Pasteur, Hitler's reign of terror and Charles De Gaulle's Leadership. Skeptics reject the belief that Nostradamus predicted the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

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Nostradamus wrote, "London, Burnt up in the fire of '66. . . ." On Sept. 2, 1666, a fire started in a bakery and destroyed the city, burning for three days. People called it the Great Fire of London. He predicted the fame and subsequent dishonor of Louis Pasteur. Pasteur's vaccine for anthrax included the work of another scientist, according to a 1995 historian, tainting Pasteur's fame.

Nostradamus wrote of a great three-time leader named De Gaulle. During World War II, Charles de Gaulle, a three-time leader, became the leader of the Free French Forces. A more obscure prediction named a man he called Hister, which Nostradamus devotees believe refers to Adolf Hitler.

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