What Are Some Norwegian Customs?


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One custom that is important to Norway is modesty and a calm nature. Norwegians find boasting and bragging, as well as flaunting wealth and individual achievements, to be unacceptable behavior. People tend to have simple tastes and avoid ostentatious displays of dress or behavior.

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The Norwegian poet Aksel Sandemose created a list of behavioral norms called "Jante's Law," a list of 10 guidelines that attempt to describe the Norwegian custom of humility and egalitarianism. Some of the rules in Jante's Law are: Do not laugh at others; do not think you are more important than others, do not believe you are wiser than others or have anything to teach others, do not think you are better than others; and do not behave as if you are more intelligent than others. These rules have become an important part of the customs and etiquette of Norwegian culture.

Other examples of Norwegian customs are found in food and drink habits. Many Norwegians consider it perfectly acceptable to eat whale meat. Potatoes and bread are staples in most Norwegian homes, and Norwegians generally do not drink alcohol on weekdays. In addition, Norwegians are known for dressing casually and do not tend to dress up in formal clothes for work or socializing.

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