What Are Some Norse Symbols?


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Some Norse symbols include the Hrunger's Heart, Odin's Horn, Sleipnir and Yggdrasil. Hrunger's Heart looks like three interconnecting triangles that stand for rebirth, pregnancy and reincarnation. Other names include the Valknut, which means "knot of the slain." The fact that the three triangles are intertwined symbolizes the connection between Earth, Hell and the Heavens. The nine points in the design represent the Nine Worlds the Norse believed in.

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Odin's Horn also has three interlocking pieces, only this time they are drinking horns. Norsemen used the horns off animals they hunted, added stoppers and used them to carry liquid. Also called the Triple Horn of Odin, they are found at the scenes of drinking rituals. The Norse believed in a magical mead that was called Odhroerir. Taking three drinks supposedly imbued the drinker with that magic.

The Sleipnir is the eight-legged horse ridden by Odin, the most powerful of all the gods. The eight legs gave the animal the ability to travel to the spirit world. The symbol dates back to the time of shamans and has been found on carvings dating back to the eighth century.

The Yggdrasil is the world tree that was in the center of the Nine Worlds. It looks like an ash tree with a large, green canopy and what looks like nine major roots coming from the trunk. The name means Ygg's horse; Ygg is another name for Odin.

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