What Is the Normal Range for a Random Urine Microalbumin?

The normal range for a random urine microalbumin test is less than 30 milligrams, says Mayo Clinic. Microalbumin is a blood protein filtered by the kidneys. The urine test measures the amount of protein unfiltered by the kidneys and is used to detect early signs of kidney damage.

A microalbumin level of 30 to 300 milligrams indicates early kidney disease, and more than 300 milligrams indicates advanced kidney disease, according to Mayo Clinic. Microalbumin urine tests often include a test for creatinine to improve accuracy. Other testing methods include a 24-hour urine test, in which urine is collected over a 24-hour period, and a timed urine test, in which urine is provided first thing in the morning or after a set period of not urinating.