What Is the NIV Study Bible?


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The New International Version, or NIV, study Bible which includes simplified language and introductions to the books of the Bible. This Bible version was first introduced in 1985.

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The book was completed by a group of transdenominational biblical scholars. The Bible also includes archaeological notes and clarifying information to help readers better understand the text. The study Bible has been updated several times over the years, including in 1995 and 2008. It is purported that this version of the study Bible is the best selling of any available.

The introductions contained in the NIV study Bible vary from book to book. each introduction focuses on the author of the book, the purpose, and background. The idea behind the study Bible was to provide more than an English interpretation of the books. The scholars wanted to provide a more comprehensive study of the Bible that was easier to understand for all people. Before its release, it was tested by various pastors and scholars. The updates to the study Bible are made for various reasons, including changes in English usage. There are several versions of the study Bible, including the Zondervan and Wesleyan revision. The latest update to the study Bible was in 2011.

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