What Are Some Ninja Clan Symbols?


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Japanese ninja clans perform a series of nine hand symbols called “Kuji-in.” The “Kuji Goshinbo,” “Inmei Goshinbo” and “Juji no Hijutsu” are some of the movements in this series.

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The “Kuji Goshinbo” symbol is made with both hands while the middle fingers and right index finger are raised to represent a sword. The “Inmei Goshinbo” is a combination of five gestures that correspond with numbers in the accompanying prayer. “Juji no Hijutsu” is a sequence of ten characters drawn with the finger onto the palm of the hand, such as the symbols for dragon, tiger and air. Ninjas then cup and drink from the hand. Ninja hand seals are performed with a nine-character prayer called the "Kuji-kiri," which ninjas recite to invoke divine protection and supernatural abilities.

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