What Are New Testament Bible Trivia Questions With the Answers?


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One New Testament Bible trivia question is "Who asked for the body of Jesus after he was crucified?" The request was made by Joseph of Arimathea. Another question is "What special event was Jesus attending when he performed his first recorded miracle?" The occasion was a wedding.

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A query concerning location is "On what island did the Apostle John see the vision he described to the seven churches?" John saw it on Patmos. Another question relating to location is "Where was Jesus when he was arrested by the officers of the temple?" Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane.

A question referencing a well-known passage is "What two words begin each Beatitude listed in Matthew’s gospel?" The two words are “Blessed Are.” Another quote-related question is "By what title did the Roman soldiers address Jesus when mocking him in the Praetorium?" They referred to him as "King of the Jews."

An additional piece of trivia is "What color fabrics did Lydia of Thyatira, who invited Paul to stay at her home in Philippi, sell?" Lydia sold purple fabrics. One more detail is "To whom was the book of Acts written?" It was addressed to Theophilus.

One last New Testament Bible trivia question is "How old was Jesus when he first amazed teachers in the temple with his understanding and questions?" Jesus was twelve years old.

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