What Are Some Facts About New Life Ministries?


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According to its website, New Life Ministries is a restructured church that preaches the kingdom of God to change lives. The church congregates to praise God and hear God’s voice. New Life Ministries accepts one God who created everything.

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Members of New Life Ministries commit to their mission to support one another, show each other love and testify to people regarding Jesus. They believe Jesus Christ is the son of God and Mary is Jesus’ mother. This group confesses by faith that Jesus died and rose from the dead. In addition, they contend he advanced and is positioned in a seat on the right of God and that he has the duty given by his father to perform a judgment on those who are alive and those who died. New Life Ministries thinks God forgives people of their sins, and they trust in communion and eternal life.

The church's view is that the kingdom of God does not cease to exist. Members promise to show the love of God, settle one another and spread God’s word. They wish to make their congregation secure for their fellowmen to meet with their savior. They want to be a group of worshipers that seeks God and gains knowledge of him and share this knowledge.

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