What Is the Nephilim Giant Skeleton?


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The Nephilim giant skeleton is purportedly the skeletal remains of a giant humanoid, one of many who lived on earth thousands of years ago. Most photographs of alleged Nephilim skeletons originated with a number of photo manipulation sites and Web contests in the early 2000s.

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The Nephilim were a mythological race of giants, offspring of human women and “sons of God” – angels in some interpretations, extraterrestrials in others. There is no archaeological, anthropological or biological evidence for such a race ever existing, but doctored pictures of Nephilim skeletons circulate on the Internet anyway.

In 2002, photo-editing site Worth1000 ran a contest titled “Archaeological Anomalies,” dedicated to creating photo realistic archaeological hoaxes. An entry depicting giant skeletal remains gained notoriety as “proof” of the Nephilim’s existence and circulated widely via blogs and chain emails. More doctored photos of giant skeletal remains appeared in other photo-editing contests and blogs in later years, fueling speculation about the Nephilim.

A 2007 article in India’s "Hindu Voice" monthly claimed that the National Geographic Society unearthed a giant skeleton in northern India; a claim supported by a photograph of archaeologists excavating a giant skeleton. National Geographic responded that this claim was untrue and pointed out that the photographic "evidence" was actually an entry from Worth1000’s hoax contest. The National Geographic further debunked other popular "giant skeleton" photos as digital manipulations.

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