What Are the Negative Influences of Media?

According to the National Institutes of Health, what the media show is not generally bad; however, its depiction of violence, offensive language, and sexuality can have a negative influence, especially on children and teenagers. Media often tends to offer unhealthy and sometimes even downright fictional portrayals of real life.

Millions of women often find themselves trying to reach or adhere to an unrealistic standard of beauty, such as the ideal weight and the clothes to wear. Aside from TV shows, there are also the advertisements that influence spending habits. Companies invest millions to influence spending decisions regarding what products to buy, which places to stay at and what companies to trust by presenting a tempting image.

Media also offer various forms of entertainment making it difficult for a person, especially a child, to say no. Millions of adults and children would rather spend hours in front of the computer screen or television than interacting with others in the real world. This lack of physical activity also increases the risk of obesity.

Media influence is very extensive in society. In fact, daily life is built by the media, as most rely heavily on the information provided. While being exposed to a lot of information is good, it can also cause an overload that can have negative repercussions on people and society as a whole.