What Are Some Negative Effects of Technology?

Sam Edwards/OJO Images/Getty Images

Negative effects of technology include dependency and the lowered value of human workers in industrialized societies. Other critics note that technology has a negative effect on memorization and spelling skills. Voice-recognition software may eventually eliminate such crucial skills as typing, and handwriting is becoming less frequent in modern society.

Advanced technologies in the form of computers can cause people to depend on these machines too often. Excessive dependency on technology can create problems when machines malfunction, creating a virtual halt of daily operations. Humans are essentially powerless until the machines are back online, which can cause people to lose their self-reliance.

There is also no need to memorize a map when GPS is in place to automatically lead the way, and people can begin to lose their sense of direction. There is also little need to memorize phone numbers, because smart phones automatically program contacts with ease. The autocorrect function during typing eliminates much of the need to pinpoint mistakes and correct them manually, and there is evidence that some people are becoming lazy when typing.

Humans also stand the risk of being phased out in favor of automated robots. A single machine can typically handle the work of 10 people, allowing companies to save money by not hiring more people. Advanced machines in the workplace can have even more serious consequences on the labor force.