What Do You Need to Obtain a Non-Resident Hunting License in Missouri?

To hunt in the state of Missouri, a permit, not a license, is necessary. Permits are available for both residents and non-residents for a variety of game through the Missouri Department of Conservation, according to the MDC’s official website.

A hunter can obtain a permit through a MDC regional office, or through the MDC website, which provides a wealth of information regarding allowed methods and regulations pertaining to each species of game. The MDC performs a background check before issuing the requested permit, and the applicant must provide a driver’s license and Social Security number.

Missouri also requires any permit applicant born on or after Jan. 1, 1967, to complete an approved hunting safety program, either in Missouri or another state. Exceptions include applicants 15 years or younger hunting under youth rules, notes the Missouri Department of Conservation. If this information does not appear in the MDC’s system, the applicant either has to buy the permit at a local permit vendor or call the MDC at 800-392-4115. As of 2015, the MDC adds a $1 service fee when applicants submit online payments with credit cards. Hunters can print permits online. When in Missouri, all deer and turkey hunters must carry the permits with them during the hunt.