Do You Need a License for a 49 Cc Scooter?

While it varies by state, most states require a driver’s license or a special moped license to operate a 49 cc scooter. Almost universally, individuals must be at least 15 years old to ride a scooter legally.

A 49 cc scooter is technically classified as a moped, as it has a motor smaller than 50 ccs. If an individual holds a valid state driver’s license, most states allow them to operate a moped. Some states, such as Michigan, allow individuals who do not have a valid license to operate a moped if they obtain a specific moped license. Similarly, if an individual holds a motor-driven cycle license, then they can legally drive a moped without a classic driver’s license.

To ensure that state laws are being followed, individuals who want to operate a 49 cc scooter should contact their local department of ,otor vehicles to find out what type of licensing they must hold. States can set restrictions on motorists based on speed, age, power and location. For instance, Illinois requires moped operators to stay on the right side of all roads, mopeds must not exceed 30 miles an hour and individuals who are under 19 years of age must wear a helmet at all times.