What Is "Neechabhanga Raja Yoga" in Vedic Astrology?

neechabhanga-raja-yoga-vedic-astrology Credit: Grant Faint/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Neechabhanga raja yoga seeks to make good out of bad by canceling debilitating influences on planets in your astrological chart. According to “Effects of Neechabhanga Rajayoga,” such debilitation causes troubles, unhappiness, sickness, and obstacles in the path of progress. Canceling the planet’s debilitation through neechabhanga raja yoga requires a strong will to reach your life’s goals.

Many film stars and athletes, as well as political leaders, practice neechabhanga raja yoga. Vedic astrologers claim that this form of yoga is one of the most powerful yogas (meaning combination). They also claim that this form of yoga makes people virtuous, prosperous and famous. As in Western astrology, certain conditions and planetary positions are set at birth. If a person is born with debilitated planets in his or her astral charts, and these evil influences are not mitigated, that person suffers unnecessarily in life. Poor birth influences can make people extremely cruel, for instance, or lead to other emotional issues.

Practicing neechabhanga raja yoga can remove debilitation from planets, restoring their native powers. According to “Neecha Planets and Hypothesis Defined,” practitioners must be keenly aware of their horoscopes. To ignore the states of their planets is to bring on fatigue, lack of motivation and other psychophysiological problems.