How Do You Find the Nearest Roman Catholic Church in Your Area?

You can locate area Roman Catholic Churches either by going to or by searching your diocesan website for a parish directory. provides mass time listings across the United States, and many dioceses, such as Kansas City-St. Joseph, provide online lists of parishes and schools within their boundaries.

To locate a nearby parish on the website of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph,, click on the Parishes tab on the home page, and then click on either the Parish Directory or Parish Locations link on the left-hand side of the page. The parish directory lists parishes by city, the latter arranged in alphabetical order. Scroll down the list to find parishes in your town. Each entry lists the parish name, county, address and phone number, and you can also click on the parish name to link to its website, if applicable. The Parish Locations link enables you to search by typing in a ZIP code and extending or shrinking the radius mileage of the search parameters.

To search for nearby Roman Catholic churches on, enter a city, state or ZIP code into the website's search engine. Mass Times then pulls up a list of area churches, along with parish addresses, contact information and mass times.