What Are Some Near-Death Experience Stories?

near-death-experience-stories Credit: Jeremy Duguid Photography/Moment Open/Getty Images

One anonymous near-death experience story submitted by an anonymous male to the International Association of Near-Death Studies describes how he died momentarily during a snorkeling accident and traveled to his mother's house and spoke with a deceased childhood friend who was unaware of his own demise. Another account depicts a woman who, after death caused by strangulation, encountered a monk who told her that she must return to Earth.

A popular and inspiring near-death story is that of a 4-year-old boy named Colton, who died for a short period of time during an appendectomy procedure. As Colton lost consciousness on the operating table, he traveled to a place where he sat with Jesus Christ and encountered relatives whom he had never met, including a baby sister who passed away before Colton's birth. Colton's father wrote a best-selling book detailing his son's experiences.

The IANDS also explains that reported near-death experiences tend to be specific to the individuals who experience them, but common elements often include out-of body experiences in which individuals experience the sensation of floating above their deceased bodies and observing the activity of others, moving toward a bright light and experiencing overwhelming sensations of peace and calmness. Individuals may also experience what is referred to as a "life review" in which they relive specific incidents in their earthly lives.