What Are Some Native American Indian Words?


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Some Native American words are "vo'kome," which is the Cheyenne word for white. Some other Cheyenne words are "enesta," which means "hear," "enemene," which means "sing," and "ehoohta," which means "leave." Other Native American words are "enhskat," which means "one" in the Mohawk language. Other Mohawk words include "tekeni," which means "two" and "ahsen," which means "three." There were many Native American tribes, and they all spoke their own unique language.

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The Algonquian are one of the largest Native American tribes in the United States, and they originally numbered in the hundreds of thousands. The vast majority of the tribes were located around the Great Lakes and along the inner sections of the modern St. Lawrence River. In addition to their presence around the New England area, they were primarily located in eastern Canada, and they lived primarily through fishing and hunting.

The Cherokee is another large Native American tribe that was originally located in the Southeastern states of the United States. Similarities were found between them and the Iroquois, as the Cherokee language is largely derived from the Iroquoian language. The Cherokee was one of the quickest tribes to modernize, as they adopted many technological and cultural practices from the European settlers.

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