What Is the National Dress of Spain?

national-dress-spain Credit: LWYang/CC-BY 2.0

The modern national dress of Spain is normally high-quality, stylish designer clothes with denim being very popular with the younger generations, especially young women. Looking back at traditional dress from the 16th century shows that Spain has always been on the cutting edge of style and fashion.

These older styles are still used for special events and celebrations. Some of these styles include the well-known flamenco dress that women wear for dancing the traditional dance of the same name. A gillet is similar to a fitted waistcoat and can have sleeves or not. The gillet traditionally came down to the knees and was intricately embroidered. Mantilla's are the traditional veil worn during weddings or religious events and are held up by the peineta, which is a large decorative comb.