What Is the National Dress of Mexico?

There is no single national dress of Mexico. Ceremonial Mexican dress designs vary depending on religion and history, the region of the country and the type of celebration.

One style of dress from the sovereign state of Jalisco is called an escaramuza. This dress is worn by adult females and includes a very wide skirt, a blouse and a high collar. The billowy skirt is designed with colorful, vibrant stripes that form a star in the middle, and the blouse is also embroidered with opulent stripes.

A ceremonial dress from the region of Tabasco is known as a chontal dress. Less flamboyant than an escaramuza, it usually consists of a skirt made from flower-print fabric, an apron-like white blouse and simple embroidery designs on the collar and sleeves. The chontal design utilizes elegant floral patterns in different styles, and the dress is commonly embroidered in stripes.

Campeche, the state along the Yucatan Peninsula where the Mayan civilization once flourished, has yet another style of ceremonial dress. The Campeche dress uses a huipil blouse with black thread embroidery around a square collar. The skirt is ankle-length and generally made from Spanish printed fabric. This dress is sometimes accented with a headscarf.