What Names Would Appear on the Family Tree of Jesus Christ?

According to the Bible, the genealogy of Jesus Christ includes key Biblical persons, such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and King David. Other notable names in the line of Christ include Boaz, Rahab and Noah.

There are two recorded genealogies of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. The first is in Matthew chapter 1, and it traces the line of Jesus through his mother's husband, Joseph, and goes back to Abraham. Notable facts about this genealogy is that it emphasizes both the Jewish ancestry of Christ and specifically the relationship to king David and his son, Solomon. This is significant in Christian theology because of the promise of God to David that his throne, through his lineage, would last forever. According to Christian theologians, since Jesus is the eternal king of kings and he descends from David, he is the fulfillment of that promise. Additional names in this genealogy after David include Solomon's son Rehoboam, Uzziah, Hezekiah, Zerubbabel and Joseph, the husband of Mary.

The second genealogy of Jesus appears in Luke chapter 3. It traces the line of Christ back to Adam, the first man, and includes Methuselah, Noah and Abraham. From Abraham to King David, the genealogy is identical to the one in Matthew. From David to Jesus, however, the names appearing are different. The most commonly accepted explanation for the deviation is the assumption that Matthew's lineage is the genealogy of Joseph, Mary's husband, whereas the genealogy in Luke is that of Mary, the mother of Jesus.