What Are the Names of All the Prophetesses in the Bible?

Monashee Frantz/OJO Images/Getty Images

Ten women are expressly titled prophetess in the Bible, including Miriam, Huldah, Isaiah’s wife, Noahdiah, Deborah, Anna and the four daughters of Philip. Other biblical women who prophesized but were not expressly termed prophetesses include Rachel, Abigail, Hannah, Elisabeth and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

False biblical prophetesses include Jezebel of the church of Thyatera and an unknown number of women who sewed magic bands into cloth and gave false prophecy, as mentioned in Ezekiel. The Jewish Talmud adds Sarah and Esther as two additional prophetesses. Like prophets, prophetesses were called by God. Marital status made no difference, as some were widowed, some were virgins and some were married.