What Are the Names of Lord Krishna?

names-lord-krishna Credit: AFP/AFP/Getty Images

There are 108 different names by which Lord (or Sri) Krishna may be known, including Ananta (the Endless Lord), Kanjalochana (the Lotus-Eyed God) and Vishwamurti (Form of the Entire Universe). The name Krishna itself means "Dark-Complexioned Lord".

In Hinduism, Sri Krishna embodies love and joy and is often surrounded by cowherd girls known as Gopis. His most beloved consort, however, is Radha and the bond between these two is considered so great that they are sometimes referred to by the one name, Radha-Krishna.

Some further names that are applied to Krishna include Yogi (Supreme Master), Vishnu (All Prevailing Lord) and Narayana (the Refuge of Everyone).