What Are Some Names of Goddesses of Ancient Egypt?

What Are Some Names of Goddesses of Ancient Egypt?

Some of the goddesses commonly worshipped in ancient Egypt were Bast or Bastet, Hathor, Neith, Isis and Nephthys. Other Egyptian goddesses included Nut and Tefnut.

Most of the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt were depicted as similar to humans, but having animal parts as well. For example, Bast, also known as Bastet, was often depicted as a cat or as a woman with a cat's head or cat's ears. This was to show that the cat was her sacred animal. She was the daughter of the sun god Ra, and the Egyptians considered Bastet a protective goddess.

Hathor was another daughter of Ra and represented the Milky Way. She was depicted as a cow goddess.

Neith was a weaver and also a war goddess, similar to the Greek goddess Athena. She is often depicted wearing a red crown and has a connection to mummies and their woven bandages.

Isis, the main Egyptian goddess, represented abundance, wind, heaven, magic and beer. She was the wife of Osiris and was depicted wearing a sun disk on her head.

Nephthys was a goddess of death, and often depicted with the head or wings of a falcon. She was also the head of the gods' and goddesses' household.