What Are Names of Famous Archaeologists?

Famous archaeologists include Howard Carter, Louis Leakey, Thor Heyerdahl, Gertrude Bell, Kathleen Kenyon, John Lloyd Stevens, Arthur Evans and Robert Ballard. Some of these archaeologists made names for themselves through archaeological studies alone, while others engaged in other professional endeavors, such as teaching, writing, traveling and performing research. These archaeologists enjoy credit for making monumental discoveries around the world, including the Pacific region, Africa and North America.

Famous Norwegian archaeologist Thor Heyerdahl enjoys fame primarily for his discoveries on the remote Easter Island. Heyerdahl journeyed from Norway to Easter Island in 1955 and 1956, becoming the first Norwegian archaeologist making that trip. Upon arriving in the Pacific with his team, Heyerdahl researched artifacts and technologies left by early island inhabitants. His findings led to identification of three distinct time periods of Easter Island inhabitation: an Early Period, Middle Period and Late Period.

While Heyerdahl explored the Pacific, other archaeologists took interest in other regions. Gertrude Bell, for instance, spent much of her time in the Middle East. She engaged in politics and even served as a spy. Ultimately, she helped establish a government system that shaped modern-day Iraq. Bell traveled throughout Europe too, including Germany and Switzerland. An avid outdoors woman, Bell supplemented her trips with adventure travel, conquering several prominent mountains.