What Are Some Names of Demons and Evil Spirits?

Some names of demons and evil spirits include Adramelech, Nybbas and Yan-gant-y-tan. While Adramelech assumes the shape of a mule or peacock, the other two demons present in a more human-like appearance.

Adramelech serves several high positions in hell, including high chancellor, president for a council of various devils and superintendent of the wardrobe for the king of demons. During ancient times in Sepharvaim, a Syrian city, the locals sacrificed children to this demon. Information on this demon is available in the "Dictionnaire Infernal" written by Collin de Plancy.

Nybbas makes his home in hell in the high upper galleries. However, many of the other demons and evil spirits view him as a joke and a con artist not to be trusted. It is believed this demon can influence dreams and visions. In mythology, he is pictured as part human with cloven hooves and horns on his head, seated behind a desk. Found in the "Dictionnaire Infernal" by Collin de Plancy, Nybbas is an obscure figure.

Yan-gant-y-tan is a demon who spends his time walking the earth, primarily in Finistere. This demon originated in Brittany. At night, he wanders the streets with one candle on each finger and spins them around like a wheel. He's a lesser-known demon from the "Dictionnaire Infernal."