What Is the Name of the Shortest Surah of the Quran?

Three chapters, or surah, of the Quran are composed of only three verses: Al-Kawthar, Al-Asr and Al-Nasr. With only 10 words making up its three verses, Al-Kawthar is the shortest. Al-Asr is the second-shortest. Al-Nasr has more words than Al-Ikhlaas, but with three verses instead of four, is considered shorter.

The main religious text of Islam is the Quran, which is made up of 114 surah. These 114 chapters are composed of verses, or arat. The 114 chapters of the Quran differ in length from the shortest, Al-Kawthar, which has only 10 words in three verses, to the longest, Al-Baqarah, which has 286 verses.