What Was the Name of the Main God of the Aztecs?


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The Aztecs had many deities, but the most powerful and main god was Huizilopochitli, the god of the sun and of war. Coyolxauhqui was his sister who was a goddess. She became the moon when Huizilopochtili flung her head into the sky as punishment.

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The legend of Huizilopochitli and Coyaxauhqui finds Coyoxauhqui planning their mother's demise upon learning that their mother was carrying Huizilopochtli. In an act of protection to their mother, Coatlicue, Huizilopochitli emerged from his mother's womb fully grown and killed Coyoaxauhqui and many other siblings.

Practitioners of the Aztec religion offered sacrifices to the gods and goddesses to procure their favor. These offerings were both in human and non-human forms.

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