Are Muslims Permitted to Marry Catholics?

muslims-permitted-marry-catholics Credit: Steve Raymer/Asia Images/Getty Images

Muslims, with a few exceptions, are discouraged from marrying outside of the Islamic faith. Female Muslims are not permitted to marry outside of the church under any circumstances. Male Muslims are allowed to marry holy Judeo-Christian women who follow the laws of the Bible. The answer to the question depends somewhat on whether the couple expects to practice the Muslim or Catholic faith after marriage.

Although Muslims are not allowed to marry Catholics under most circumstances, Catholics are permitted to marry Muslims under certain conditions. In general, however, both faiths encourage couples to be of a like mind in their views of faith and God before pursuing marriage; they also both require one or the other partner to make some provisions to secure the continuance of the faith in the family before granting a blessing of marriage. Generally, marrying into the Catholic faith involves the promise of raising children as Catholics. According to the Catholic Education Resource Center, in circumstances that involve marrying a non-baptized Christian, approval from church leadership is often required in order for the couple to practice sacraments within the Catholic church. This means that a Muslim female is not allowed to marry a Catholic male and still practice Islam, but a Catholic male is allowed to marry an Islamic female and still practice Catholicism as long as certain expectations are met.