Why Do Muslims Go to Mecca?

Why Do Muslims Go to Mecca?

Muslims go to Mecca as a sign obedience to God, to achieve enlightenment, to interact with others, to experience the world, to get rid of poverty, to cleanse themselves of sin and to have a closer experience with God. The pilgrimage to Mecca is normally referred to as the Hajj.

It is required for Muslims to travel at least once in their lifetime to Mecca. This is one of the pillars of Islam and that is why it is highly regarded. Below are some of the reasons Muslims go to Mecca.

Spiritual enlightenment: Muslims believe that those who make trip to Mecca receive greater spiritual enlightenment.

Obedience: Paying a visit to Mecca is a sign of obedience to Allah and that is why all Muslims are encouraged to make the trip.

Experience of the world: Going to Mecca gives all Muslims the opportunity to experience a foreign land.

Interaction with others: Important relationships are built among Muslims during the pilgrimage. Information is also shared through interaction with people from all over the world.

Sin and poverty: Muslims believe that a trip to Mecca is likely to attract blessings from Allah that will inevitably eradicate poverty. Cleansing of sin also takes place during the trip to the holy place.