How Do Muslims Celebrate the Birth of a Child?

The Islamic ritual of Aqiqah is often performed after a child is born to a Muslim family. In this ritual, a name is given to the baby, its hair is shaved and a sacrifice is offered on behalf of the child. Preferably, the newborn baby is given either a compound name containing one of the most beautiful names of Allah or another holy name.

During the birth of a child, the father performs the Muslim call to prayer. He whispers the call to prayer in the right ear of the baby so that they are the first words he hears. Islam forbids showing disappointment over the gender of the child, as both boys and girls are considered gifts from Allah. Some remote areas, however continue the pre-Arab tradition of killing female infants.

A ritual called ‘taneek’ is also performed. The parents place a date or other fruit in the mouth of the infant so the first thing the baby tastes is sweet. The parents then request blessings on the child from Allah.

Boys undergo circumcision, the ritual during which the foreskin is removed from the penis. This ritual must take place on the seventh day unless there are health risks involved.