What Do Muslims Believe About the Afterlife?

Muslims believe that the soul lives on after death, awaiting The Day of Judgment. On this day after the end of the world, God judges the souls of the dead and sends them to Paradise or to Hell based on how much good or evil they have done.

Muslims believe that when a person dies, the soul sleeps in the grave, awaiting the judgment of God. Judgment comes on the Last Day, when the world is destroyed and the dead are resurrected by God to face his verdict. Those who were faithful to the will of God and performed good deeds in life find themselves admitted into Paradise, a garden of splendor and pleasure without hunger, sickness or old age. Warriors who die fighting for the cause of God are welcomed immediately into Paradise.

God sentences those who were defiant and performed evil to Hell, a place of eternal torment with seven doors that lead to many levels in a fiery pit. The level of torment inflicted reflects how evil the person was in life. Those who atone for their sins in Hell are eventually welcomed into Paradise by the mercy of God. However, non-Muslims remain in Hell for eternity.