What Are Some Muslim Girls Names in the Quran?

A few Muslim girls' names that are mentioned in the Quran are Yaminah, a name that means "blessed" or "bringer of blessings," Naylaa or Naylah, which means "gift" or "bestowal," implying something given freely from God, and Nayamee, a name meaning "blissful" or "living in ease." Also appearing in the Quran are the girls names' Nilah, a type of water hyacinth or beautiful flowering plant and Yameenaa, which means "blessed," "favored," or "left handed."

Besides these, many other girls' and women's names appear in the Quran, including Wadiyah, Waelah and Huwainaa. The name Wadiyah means "valley," Waelah means "clan, tribe or one who takes refuge" and Huwainaa translates as "serenity, composure, or leniency."

In addition, the name Hadahid appears in the Quran. Hadahid is the plural form of the hoopoe bird, a beautiful bird mentioned in the story of the prophet Sulaiman or Solomon, the son of David. Rabiah, meaning "the fourth in a series," is another name from the Quran. Hadfah is a name meaning "aim" or "target," while the name Waafiyah describes the qualities of loyalty and faithfulness. Finally, a girl's name mentioned in the Quran is Wajahah, which refers to the qualities of honor, distinction, glory or prestige.