What Do Muslim Brides Wear?

muslim-brides-wear Credit: Nicola Tree/Photodisc/Getty Images

Traditional gowns and intricate headpieces are main fashion items for Muslim brides. According to Casual Wedding Dresses, the only form of skin that is typically revealed in Muslim bridal wear would be the hands and face. Muslim bridal gowns are usually more conservative than Western counterparts. Higher neck lines are prominent, almost in the form of a turtle neck, and cleavage and shoulders are also covered.

Muslim wedding gowns usually come with beads and ornate designs, depending on the woman's culture. Satin is a common fabric choice, but more women prefer lace gowns. Lace has become a popular item for Muslim brides, and it is more Western-oriented. Chiffon is normally reserved for the sleeves and over-skirt, but the fabric is overlapped by another material to maintain a reserved appearance. The Wedding Specialists notes that brides can also adopt the Abaya as a bridal garment, a daily gown normally worn by Muslim women. The Abaya is normally black, but it can be tailored into a lighter form of clothing with lace and layered embroidery. The colors of Muslim wedding dresses can vary from plain white to lighter colors like cream, pink or orange. Bridal head-pieces typically cover all of the woman's head and hair. The veil length is long enough for covering the face during the ceremony. Beads, jewels or crown-like headbands are common accessories for adorning the head.